February 23, 2014

Web Designing

Web Design


Nowadays website design becomes an essential part of every profession. Website makes strong impact on the image of your company. It is very important when you are more concern about exploring your business worldwide.

Your business website design provides your face on the internet. To your viewers, your business website design doesn’t just define how good your website is, it tells them how good your business is. It is the way the human mind operates-by assumptions. Your website is going to set the expectation level for your company. Everyone knows how important first impressions are, and in today’s highly-competitive market, they can often mean the difference between success and failure. Over 83% of your potential clients or customers will visit your website at least once before making a decision to do business with you. Is yours presenting the right image? If not, maybe it’s time for a new look. The internet is flooded with competitors and if you don’t grab the customer’s attention in the blink of an eye they are on to the next site before you even know they were there.

Websites have no boundaries as far as place or region or country is concern. It is international. If you have a website, then you have something international that overcomes the limits between countries and continents.


We are experts at offering best web designing services along with error free developing and handling of CSS3 coding and HTML5 scripting. With the help of our HTML5 and CSS3 professionals, we can design attractive web layout designs and graphic schemes that bring a wow factor to our client’s website design.

JAVA 2 Enterprise Edition (J2ee)

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Since the birth of Java web development platform, it is designed to form the backbone of enterprise web applications. Without any doubts, Java Enterprise Web Development platform is being used by more than 80% of large enterprises for their mission critical and enterprise level web based applications.

Tekorion with its huge experience in providing web based application development can offer its services in Java under these areas,

  • Enterprise web based Java applications

  • Real time Java web services

  • Web service integration

  • Time and Business critical Java Applications

  • MVC Framework based Java Applications




PHP application development helps developers to seamlessly dynamic web pages quickly and easily. It is a powerful platform which can make your site exceptionally fast and performance-rich. Tekorion leverages its core PHP expertise with its team of talented PHP developers to ramp up your site and applications aligning them with your business processes. Our development expertise and experience saves on time and budget in custom PHP application development. Tekorion  provides expert offshore PHP development services from India, gaining its expertise from years of experience in PHP web development and PHP application development. We have been working in PHP for the last 2+ years and have gained expertise on various PHP application development frameworks and PHP services. We offer expert PHP web design and programming services for global clients. Our  PHP programmers are proficient in PHP Porting and Migration services, PHP website development and PHP web development.

We provide the following services.

Websites and Internet Portals

Advanced PHP solutions development and integration:

  • Public enterprise portals
  • Customer portals
  • Web frontend for software products and systems
  • Corporate and promo websites, online stores, web forms


We deliver a full spectrum of ecommerce solutions:

  • B2C and B2B marketplaces
  • Secure payments & billing
  • Online stores
  • Supply chain management
  • E-procurement
  • Ad Networks

News & Entertainment Portals

High performance solutions with rich editorial capabilities.

  • Content management and authoring
  • Editorial tools
  • News feeds management
  • Media distribution facilities

Social Networking

Solutions that help people interact, contribute and collaborate online.

  • Social commerce
  • Online communities
  • Enterprise 2.0 solutions
  • Adding social features to existing solutions
  • Integration with popular social networks

Mobile Web

Mobile web and native applications development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry) to make your web services available from mobile devices.


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WordPress Services

WordPress is among the most common platforms for content management (CMS) which we also suggest for web sites of all types. As social media go through new domains, we too have set up WordPress to be easiest and highly extensible platform to support. The various benefits include: Simply managed custom usage of content and most significantly updating of your own site after our delivery and that is how it must be.

Our diverse services concerning WordPress feature:

Configuration and installation

Are you still with WordPress, WordPress MU, Buddy Press or bbPress? We will set you apart from the rest with new and utmost plug-in for your specific requirements directly from the specialists. Our team of experts is ready with all its skills and technology to fetch the best of this field.

Custom designing of blog

In social media, our leadership and experience will make certain that you will have a fresh and prolonged site life. Custom designing is what your site needs and we are here to fulfill your needs with complete satisfaction. You need not bother about anything while dealing with us.

Theme execution & development

If you already have a design ready with you, but need assistance in setting it up with WordPress, then you are at the right place. Our professionals will handle this quite well up to your expectation and need. Your business success is our success.

Installation and development of Plug-ins

When it is about portfolio sites, podcasting and forums, we frequently had to put in writing the custom plugins to facilitate the content management and user experience in exactly the way you require it. You just need to mention your requirement; we will get all available plugins and personalize them for you.

WordPress migration

If you are prepared for social media and WordPress, but are still using some other technology, blogging platform or owe a fundamental HTML site, then we can put you in tandem with the latest trend. You can obtain our various customized WordPress themes.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Whether it is an existing site or a new one, the whole database, theme and plugins are essential to be updated. The site will be SEO optimized to enlarge ranking of search engine. We also provide SEO services to boost your ranking and conversion rate.

Web site optimization

Enhance the existence of your present blog — it can’t be ignored! Research demonstrates that even an improvement of 500ms in load timing give way to improvement and conversions up to 20%. We also provide server optimizations to PHP, Apache and mySQL. Acquire more performance from your existing server, need not to waste more cash and energy every month.

style=”font-size: 15px; font-family: Georgia; color: #fffff;” align=”justify”>We have produced many successful and popular blogs. Other Services related to WordPress:

*       Custom web-oriented applications through WordPress
*       Technical support for WordPress
*       WordPress template or theme formation
*       Custom development of WordPress plugin
*       Custom design for WordPress theme
*       Relocation from another blogging system to WordPress
*       Migration of WordPress domain and server
*       Implementation of WordPress theme or template
*       WordPress upgrades
*       Installation of WordPress MU
*       SEO services related to WordPress
*       WordPress Security Audits