February 23, 2014

Mobile Apps



Android is the first free, open, and fully customizable mobile platform that acts as a complete framework for mobile devices, which essentially includes an operating system, middleware, and applications. Developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance, Android is built upon the Linux Kernel. One of the foremost reasons why Android has gained significant popularity in the recent times is because it is Open Source, which allows the developers to access the Android source code and build innovative Android phone applications just by downloading the Android SDK.

TEKORION has been developing applications for Android since 2011.As this open source mobile and tablet Android platform opens up unlimited opportunities to be creative and differentiate mobile apps as much you can explore the technical possibilities. Google extends its powerful capabilities to android which makes this as a strategic platforms to many enterprises.-friendly OS gains an wide-ranging foothold among hardware manufacturers,


TEKORION  is well placed with technical expertise and design chops that run the complete extent or range of Android apps, with marvelous on-demand capacity and a stable of engineers and designers specializing exclusively in Android.
Android is one of the most used operating systems for mobile phones there by putting a huge demand on android app development. We have specialized android app builder teams for designing android applications with latest features and technology. Our teams of android app makers work closely with you to understand your requirement to build an app fulfilling your requirement. Our app android developer team incorporates your ideas along with their creativity and develops applications fulfilling your demand and maintaining the highest of standards at the same time. Also we ensure highest quality services delivered to you through our android app creator team.


The major Android Application Development areas are:

* Android Business Apps Development.
* Android Application Development.
* Android Smartphone Application Development.
* Wi-Fi and GPS based Application development.
* Interactive eBook Android app.
* Simple and Complex Business Android apps.
* Entertainment Android app.
* Finance Android app.
* Health, Fitness and Medical Android app.
* Music and video Android app.
* Push notifications and in-app purchasing.
* Streaming audio and video Android app.
* Travel, Lifestyle and Sports Android app.
* News and Weather apps.
* Productivity and Utility
* Communication Android apps
* Business Android apps
* Education Android apps
* Entertainment Android apps
* Finance Android apps
* Travel & Local apps
* Health & Fitness Apps
* Social Apps
* Comics Apps
* Libraries & Demo Apps
* Lifestyle Apps
* Personalization Apps
* Productivity Apps
* Photography Apps
* Sports Apps
* Weather Apps
* Photography Apps
* Tools Apps
* Widgets Apps
* Transportation Apps


Let’s be a part of your journey with our services.and1
Hiring Our expert android developers will help you out to develop Android applications for a global reach.   and2



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iPhone Application Development

iPhone is one of the most popularly used mobile phones across the globe.From youth to the technology savvy business professionals,iPhone is a popular device across generations and places.Wide range of iPhone applications makes life easy and swift with a phone.As iPhone applications are gaining huge demand, the world has also witnessed growth in the number of iPhone application development companies. Tekorion is one of the leading iPhone apps development companies in India.We provide diverse mobile applications and web applications for different platforms such as iOS app development, iPhone, iPad app development and more

Our iPhone application developers, designers, and program managers are experts at getting the right balance between customer’s ideas, iPhone platform standards, user experience and expectations, as well as technical challenges and possibilities in the project…

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Tekorion for all your iPhone application development needs:

* Total 2+ years of development experience on iOS platform.
 * Successful development and listing of iPhone/iPad applications on App Store  app_store
 * One of the best infrastructure for mobile application development.
 * Real time device testing of applications on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
 * We ensure version compatibility of iOS.
 * We make Universal application compatible with both iPhone & iPad.
* Adhere to industry standards for the solutions.
* Responsibility until application is approved in App Store.
* 2 months Support after UAT(User Acceptance Test) for any type of bug.
* Service for Promotion of developed application (Chargeable)


Major areas of Expertise:

* Entertainment apps
* Educational iPhone and iPad apps
* Finance iPhone app
* GPS based apps, mapping location services
* Health, Fitness and Medical iPhone app
* iPhone Applications dependent on Accelerometer,
* Music and video iPhone app
* Productivity and Utility
* Push notifications and in-app purchasing (mobile-commerce)
* Simple and Complex Business apps* Interactive eBook iPhone and iPad app
* Social Networking iPhone and iPad app
* Streaming audio and video* Travel, Lifestyle and Sports iPhone app

iPad Application Development

The launch of iPad has transformed the way people would think of apps and Mobinius has been a great success in iPad application development with a bunch of high quality iPad apps.Besides our great knowledge and experience in iPad app development, we bring to table our comprehensive understanding of the iPad marketplace.

ipad mini

Tekorion has the ability to guide you right from the stage of conceptualization to creating a great and successful iPad application and finally getting it into the App Store



We offer the following iPad Development Services

* Enterprise iPad apps.
* Entertainment iPad apps.
* Educational iPad apps.
* Financial solutions on iPad.
* GPS, mapping location services.
* Health, Fitness and Medical iPad apps.
* Interactive eBook iPad apps.
* iPad Applications dependent on Accelerometer.
* News and Weather apps on iPad.
* Productivity and Utility apps on iPad.
* Streaming audio and video apps on iPad.
* Social Networking applications on iPad.
* Travel, Lifestyle and Sports iPad app.


Why US…

iOS app development Team at Tekorion always follow the latest innovations in the iPhone,iPad Application development market. Being one of the market leading iOS application development solution providers, we keep our knowledge and skills updated that help us deliver innovative and variety of applications in different business solution domains…