April 19, 2014

Koha Training For Staff and Patrons

Koha configuration workshops for library superusers and operations training for library staff can be tailored to customer requirements and may be held at a customer’s own training facility.  Libraries who are using the system mainly for the catalogue, circulation and patron management can select the Koha essentials training.

Koha Modules

  • The Koha configuration workshop is a hands-on exercise in which Koha will be configured for the requirements of a particular library. This workshop is relevant to senior library staff who will become system superusers.
  • The Koha Essentials session provides the skills to manage Koha for searching, cataloging and patron management.
  • The Koha extended modules session covers the Koha acquisitions, serials and budgeting and advanced reporting capabilities of Koha

We can also provide technical training directed specifically to systems librarians.

Topics Covered On Training:

Koha configuration workshop: clients make preliminary decisions on the Library’s desired Koha settings

  • Basic parameters
  • Patrons & circulation parameters
  • Global system preferences
  • Catalog configuration
  • Acquisition parameters
  • Z39.50, Calendar and News settings
Basic Koha functions: concepts and practice covering the following Koha topics:

  • Introduction to Koha
  • OPAC and searching
  • Patron management

o Creating patrons in Koha

o Importing patrons from other sources

o Self registration approaches

o Patron features and self management

  • Circulation

o Check-in and Check-out
o Circulation configuration and lending rules
o Overdue letter templates
o Holds and Reservations
o Warnings & overrides
o Reports
oTransfers (for multi-branch libraries)

Extended Koha functions: including Serials, Acquisitions and
advanced reporting

  • Serials

o Setting up serials
o Receiving
o Missing issue claims
o Reporting

  • Acquisitions

o Acquisitions configuration

  • Supplier setup
  • Configiuration for suggestions/recommendations
  • Budgets

o Ordering
o Late orders
o Receiving
o Reporting

  • Advanced Reports

o Report catalogue
o Report Wizard

  • Self-checking options

o Web based

o PC based standalone system
o RFID integration